Unleash Your Inner Empress!

You know her, even if you’ve never seen her. She’s passionate, vital, creative, and unique. She’s your inner Empress, and Theodora’s Designs creates adornments that let her shine through. Consider this your personal invitation to express the Empress within—whether she’s vintage, vamp, or everything beyond, Theodora’s Designs has the jewelry that will bring out the individuality in you.

Looking for that special something for an Empress in your life? When you give art jewelry from Theodora’s Designs, you’re giving a one-of-a-kind treasure. Using everything from found objects, to repurposed vintage pieces, to gifts from nature,  Empresses are unique – so are Theodora’s hand-crafted adornments!

And, what woman isn’t multi-faceted … like the precious gems we are … there are many different ways to reveal those facets.  Take in our designs to discover the perfect adornment for your Empress.

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Vintage button surrounded by ornamented silver becomes the focal point of this outrageously gorgeous, faceted desert jasper beaded necklace.  Sixteen inches of beads comes to an end with a clasped focal silver/buttoned center piece.

The center piece is 1-5/8" and sits sweetly in the hollow created by your clavicles.