I am a self-taught designer and artist.  I’ve been collecting ‘bits and pieces’ from my travels in different countries (and from my mother’s costume jewelry assortment) and always imagined putting these pieces together differently.  My style is rather eclectic, and is continuously commented on … positively!

Couple that with the belief that all women have inner beauty – and you get Theodora’s Designs – designs to bring out the inner empress in YOU or someone you care for, and believe in!

I use tribal, ethnic, vintage, precious and semi-precious stones and gems … beads from all over the world; clasps created from vintage buttons; belt buckles from vintage hair brushes and combs………..beauty is found in the simplest and most profound materials.  Vintage to vamp and everything beyond – you will find it here at Theodora’s Designs.

Please enjoy your journey here – and if you have a piece that you’d like repurposed – life brought back into some cherished piece – just let me know.