Theodora Unstrung

by jo on August 20, 2011

This morning, as I write these notes, is a monochromatic morning…………I look through the window and see such expanses of green, from the back lawn, over the tree tops, into the park beyond.  But wait, just one minute!!!  Keep looking – that Russian Sage adds a ‘blip’ of lilac – and if I keep looking in that direction I see the NineBark is actually a very, dary, rusty-purple.  And the sky is a pale, pale grey … my inspiration!

I have these lovely jade ‘chicelet’ beads from Qatar – and I know I still have those gorgeous cut amethyst beads; and if I dig a bit, I bet I can find a number of Australian Opals left from the Wisconsin Bead Show.

Stay tuned to see how this morning turns out – will it be adorning your ears, wrists, or neck?

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