Theodora Unstrung

by jo on August 28, 2011

Just take a look at that lady…. she’s a sweet damsel fly snoozing on my screen!  I love her colors, her pinky-pearly body and citrine wings!  I have got to see how I can give her her due and make something that she has inspired.

I’ve been working hard to keep that work-life balance that’s so precious, but with each turn of the head I see something that calls out to me to create.  This little damsel is just one of the beauties of nature.  Mr. Grasshopper was also visiting the screen next to her, and his bud was on the pergola post.  If you take a peek at Adornments Owned by Theodora Empresses, you’ll see the Dragon Pendant necklace that was, in part, inspired by mr. Grasshopper.

Should I add their pics to the mix?  Let me know – catch you all later……….gotta fly, sorry, hop, sorry, head downstairs to my studio.  I just couldn’t resist the puns.  Sorry……..



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